Mobile order processing

New feature: Mobile order processing

With digital order processing from PASS, you always have an overview:Deadline and route tracking in real time.

The optimization of logistics processes is the passion of PASS Logistics Solutions (PLS) AG. With unique optimization algorithms and intelligent scheduling, the PLS team ensures less complexity and more flexibility for its customers.

The latest addition to the product portfolio is mobile order processing. Routes planned with the PLANTOUR and PASS MAPS scheduling tools can be easily transferred to mobile order processing systems via the MAPSERVICES telematics service.

PASS works together with the partner solutions ZeKju, Webfleet and Spedion, making it easy to digitize the delivery process. Whether the simplest integration and use via a standard messenger app (e.g. WhatsApp or Signal) or comprehensive digital order processing in high-quality telematics systems - the PLS telematics service can be used for all requirements.

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