Mobile order processing

Optimization of logistics through digital processes

Digital order processing in logistics: real-time status and route tracking

Tours planned with our PLANTOUR and PASS MAPS scheduling tools can be easily transferred to telematics systems or mobile order processing management systems via the MAPSERVICES telematics service.

At the same time, our service offers simple and standardized methods for live tracking, order status monitoring and communication with drivers. Ongoing tours are continuously recalculated and the estimated times of arrival (ETAs) are updated. This gives dispatchers a quick overview of the status of their deliveries.
If planning and live data is available, various analytics tools can be used to identify and analyze deviations both graphically and in tabular form in order to make future planning even more precise.

Functions and benefits of mobile order processing


  • Simple digitalization of the delivery process

  • Live tracking of tours, vehicles and order status

  • Calculation and monitoring of estimated time of arrival (ETA)

  • Live modifications in ongoing tours

  • Simple comparison of planned and live tours






  • Transparency in delivery and order processing

  • Digital proof of delivery incl. photo documentation and signatures *)

  • Increased productivity through continuous improvement of the planning basis

  • Simple detection of inefficiencies

  • Simplified communication with your drivers


*) Depending on the functional scope of the connected telematics system

An overview of our partner solutions

To enable our customers to get started quickly, we have made a preselection of systems from our partners with different focuses. These are already fully integrated and can be put into operation immediately. We have already stored and integrated standard workflows for all partners to enable a quick start. The workflows can of course be individually configured to your requirements as part of a project.

Quick and easy via Messenger

You want to start directly without in-depth requirements such as scanning at colli level or integrated terminals? You don't want a driver app but simply want to communicate with your drivers via messengers such as WhatsApp, Telegram & Co? Then we recommend ZeKju.

Integrated overall solution from order processing to fleet management

You rely on centralized fleet management and want to use special driver terminals or you have vehicles that already have integrated terminals? But at the same time you don't want to do without apps for third-party drivers? If your processing even extends to order level, then we recommend Webfleet.

Maximum flexibility down to colli level

You use any Android devices, want to scan down to colli level and need to link additional devices such as refrigeration monitoring, mobile printers or external scanners? Do you have high requirements for complex loading and unloading workflows, including the exchange of loading equipment or empties? Then we recommend Spedion.

Customized or another standard product?

Are you already using another standard product or have you developed your own driver app? No problem. We can usually integrate your individual solution very quickly via our standardized connector and thus offer you the same range of functions in planning, live processing and tour controlling as with our preferred partners.

PASS is your professional partner

up to 40 % less communication costs

up to 18 % less driving time

up to 11 % less kilometers driven

up to 15 % less fuel consumption

Optimization of mobile order processing with Sygic Truck Navigation

Telematics systems support drivers in tour and order processing. Activities at stops are guided by workflows and stop sequences are predefined by the system.

Nevertheless, deviations often occur when the planning system and the driver's mobile device calculate different routes between stops. Most driver apps can address different navigation apps – with and without truck specifics – but then usually only transfer the next destination, but not necessarily the desired route guidance.

In order to achieve the best possible coverage between planned and live tours, PASS recommends truck navigation from our partner Sygic. In addition to coordinated map material between PASS and Sygic, it is also possible to address Sygic Navigation with the exact routing of the planned tour. We are continuously working with our partners on automatic integration.

  • Individual routing depending on vehicle type
  • Offline map material with truck attributes
  • Display of maximum speeds and speed warnings
  • Truck stop and filling station information
  • Consideration of environmental zones

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