[Translate to Englisch:] Neues Produkt: PASS MAPS

New product: PASS MAPS

With our web-based planning and optimization tool PASS MAPS you can easily plan your delivery routes online – from the first to the last mile.

Do complex route planning systems seem too large and complicated for your needs? We have the solution: PASS MAPS was developed with the goal of enabling quick and easy use in truck route planning – within only 15 minutes the software can be used productively. Application scenarios are:

  • Route calculation and optimization
  • Professional tour planning
  • Area planning and visualization

Lightweight with many functions

Truck route planning without complicated interface adaptation or training measures: All necessary data are entered directly into the PASS MAPS interface, provided via Excel using the interactive wizard, or already preset in the best possible way. Finished plans can be sent all the way into the vehicle at the push of a button. Highlights include

  • Planning variants: Precombined tours, free planning and mixed tour
  • Vehicle fleet: truck, car and cargo bike
  • E-mobility: Consideration of different drives and ranges
  • Planning horizon: daily, weekly and monthly planning

Increase your optimization potentials with us! You can find more information about PASS MAPS on our product page.