Relaunch of RESTful Travel Web API iXX1

Relaunch of the RESTful Travel Web API iXX1

Easy access to worldwide travel content – that's what the PASS Travel Web API iXX1 stands for. The new release makes developing and operating travel solutions even easier and more time-saving.

The Travel Web API iXX1 middleware technologically links the complex world of the travel industry and the fast-paced world of user interfaces: It enables the integration of search, booking and post-booking services from different content sources, e.g. from booking (GDS and non-GDS) or data enrichment channels (including aircraft amenities, emission values or geo-coordinates), and merges them into a multi-content API. In doing so, not only data but also processes are unified. In addition, an integrated rules engine can be used to intervene even further, e.g. for automated corrections. Thus, iXX1 facilitates the development and operation of multi-source solutions for the travel industry. For the new release, PASS focused on even more flexibility, speed and quality:

  • Switch from a service-oriented architecture to microservices.
  • Change from a database cache to an in-memory cache.
  • Conversion from a manual driven deployment process to a fully automated deployment (CICD).
  • Implementation of test-driven development strategies with automated end-to-end testing for each service and use case.

In addition, PASS has made iXX1 fully cloud-enabled.

The rollout of the new release will start in the middle of the year. Customers of PASS' own travel front-end solutions such as Travel Agent Desktop (TAD) will also benefit from the new features.

You can find more information on our product page.