The payment transaction of the future is here: PASSmultiPay

PASSmultiPay is a payment engine for banking and the latest product from PASS' Banking Solutions division. The solution focuses on the payment transactions of the future. PASS enables standardized processes in the areas of T2 (TARGET 2), SEPA, SWIFT as well as Instant.

PASSmultiPay can be seamlessly integrated into existing application structures due to its open architecture. Connectivity to any core banking system as well as AML and disposition modules is ensured via a standardized RESTful API. The solution is highly performant and automated. If the customer has average hardware equipment, more than 700 transactions per second/customer can be achieved. Additional infrastructure scaling can be used to achieve even higher performance.

PASSmultiPay covers the regulatory requirements of T2, which come into force in November 2022. In addition PASSmultiPay enables real-time transfers as part of Instant Payment Services. The processing of the new ISO-20022 formats within the SWIFT Services will be implemented in 2023, ensuring a smooth and highly standardized process.

A special synergy results from the combination of PASS Online Banking / PASS Mobile Banking and PASSmultiPay. All switched payment transactions are processed via the RESTful API through PASSmultiPay.

PASSmultiPay can be operated on-premises (i.e. at the customer's premises) or as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the PASS Private Cloud.

Detailed information about PASSmultiPay can be found on our product page.