Royal Caribbean: All data on course

Royal Caribbean Cruises is banking on PASS PNR Retrieval when calling up passenger name records and ticketing information, thereby having a detailed overview of the air traffic for the company, the crew members, and the guests.

Headquartered in Miami, Royal Caribbean International is an international cruise line. The cruise line sails 24 of the world’s most innovative cruise ships to the most popular destinations in Bermuda and the Caribbean, Europe, Canada and New England, Alaska, South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, thus fulfilling the travel dreams of over five million customers every year. The cruise line has recently started using PASS PNR Retrieval as a Queue Management Application: The solution monitors Passenger Name Records (PNRs) as well as ticketing information in predefined queues in GDS Amadeus and Sabre and thus ensures that current airline information about bookings and issued tickets is always available – both for the passengers and for the crew and business travel. Central advantage: PASS PNR Retrieval is based on the Travel XML API Tool XX1, e.g., all data is available in a uniform XML format.

The aggregated data flows into the company’s Air Financial Management System (AFMS) and is used by Royal Caribbean for billing, among other things: To this end, the transmitted data such as the ticket price is compared with the credit card payment requests from the billing systems for airline tickets, ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) and BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan), – if the amounts match, the payments will be made, otherwise there will be further review.

In terms or perspective, Royal Caribbean is planning to use PASS PNR Retrieval to also call up EMD and MCO information from Amadeus and Sabre. “We are really delighted that we have been able to regain Royal Caribbean as a customer more than ten years after our first collaboration on the subject of an Advance Passenger Information System (APIS)”, summarized Michael Strauss, Head of the Business Unit Travel at PASS.