The next generation of PNR management

The next generation of PNR management

Fast. Intelligent. Automated. In use worldwide.

The PASS Consulting Group has completely revised its PNR Management Tool and added many new functions and interfaces. Worldwide booking data is merged centrally by the solution in one format. An important component of the new version is a rules engine for expert systems.

Specific use cases for PASS PNR Retrieval always arise where bookings from different systems need to be consolidated centrally, such as in travel risk management. A significant innovation is the integration of a rules engine. It allows booking data to be analyzed as soon as it is received. This makes it possible, for example, to identify missing data and initiate automated corrective measures.

Automated access to all booking records

The PASS PNR Management Tool allows simultaneous access to a variety of source systems. These include all GDS but also non-GDS systems such as NDC, the API's of the major TMC's or even "old school" SFTP. With PNR Retrieval it is possible to access all booking records released in the systems and the related ticketing and EMD information. Thanks to its comprehensive features, PASS's PNR Management is versatile. All users who reuse PNR data can take advantage of this system. This includes, for example, analysis and tracking systems as well as travel planning and travel information systems.

Manual re-entry of PNR data is a thing of the past

With PASS' PNR Management Tool, booking data from different systems is brought together in one central location. For this purpose, the solution brings the data into a uniform format, which facilitates further processing. Rule-based error handling – for example, if important data is missing from the booking record – and automated data additions ensure significantly improved data quality and fewer errors in downstream systems. Manual re-entering of PNR data and entering of lists are thus a thing of the past. All data is available for use in real time. The system can be configured via a dedicated web interface or directly from the processing systems using a configuration API.

"With the built-in rule-based PNR analysis, missing or insufficient data can be detected and corrected close to the source. This significantly speeds up the processing of these booking records and prevents unnecessary load on downstream systems," explains Paul Stief, Head of Product Management Travel Solutions at PASS.

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Use of the Rules Engine in the process

Picture: Use of the Rules Engine in the process > Download (88kb)