Investment Management

A centralized management system for all investment-related information and documents

Modules of the investment management business packages

PASS Investment Management standard and extension modules

The flexibility of the PASS Investment Management is also reflected in the free choice of modules. Based on the standard modules, each customer can freely decide which additional modules he would like to use. The standard already covers a wide range of technical requirements in investment management.

PASS Investment Management: Standard modules

Investment management

Detailed recording and management of single shares in the individual capital stock. Mapping of business transactions such as purchase, sale, acquisition and other transactions.

Capital management

Detailed recording and management of business capital including capital transactions as well as parallel management of different capital holdings with explicit share reference (e.g. management of loans).

Automatic visualization

Automatic visualization of any relationship structures, in particular shareholdings, mandates and contract networks in different display formats.

Data maintenance

Data maintenance based on existing structures, both in the past (consistent historization) and in the future (simulation).

Audit security

Full audit security through unchanging tracking log for every system action.

PASS Investment Management: Extended modules

Modules for intelligent data management

Suggestion scheme

Data maintenance via the release levels "Proposal" and "Acceptance". Historically correct data storage for "Acceptance".

Similarity check

Automatic search before saving to avoid duplicates. Sensitivity of the check is configurable.

Serial objects

Creation of any number of objects in a single operation. Filling with rule-based content and at freely selectable time intervals.


Regular, input-independent check for data consistency. Definition of any number of rules. In addition: Note in case of rule violation (e.g. proportion > 100 %).

In-place machining

Maintenance of objects directly in the list view and without having to select the object. Ensuring efficient data filling.



Support in handling personal data. Preventing the deletion of non-erasable information by overwriting data.


Modules for intelligent automation

Automatic report filing

Automatic generation of PDF reports and direct storage in a data field. With the "Notification System" module: scheduled generation of a report and sending to selected recipients.


Automated data export

Regular (time-controlled), automated generation of freely definable export files. Storage in a freely definable directory (on the server) or a SharePoint area.

Transaction based data export

Extension of the "automated data export", where the triggering event for the creation can be a data change (create, modify, delete, terminate) of a data record.

Document import

Automatic import of documents from a subdirectory (of the server) to the PASS Investment Management system. Storage location and date are freely configurable.

Appointment reminder system

Automatic sending of an appointment reminder by message (also by e-mail incl. attachment) with freely definable lead time when an appointment or a resubmission is reached. Addressee group is freely selectable.


Notification system

Creation of any number of notification rules that alert users to data changes via message or email.

Modules for intelligent investment management

Indirect quota calculation

Extension of the standard functionality "Quota calculation" by the automatic calculation of all indirect quotas. Calculation of quotas according to various schemes (Direct (n)', Direct (s)', Accounted (n)', Accounted (s)' etc.) taking into account shares and contracts.


German Banking Act (KWG) messages

Generation of the asset-side and liability-side notification of shareholdings and the notification of secondary activities. Mapping of the requirements arising from the German Banking Act, the Notification Ordinance, the Ownership Control Ordinance and the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) circulars and bulletins.

List of shareholdings

The customer receives a list of shareholdings individually adapted to the business pack used by him and created on the basis of the data maintained by him.

Country jurisdictions

The use of the PASS Investment Management in an international group environment is possible. The user is offered exactly those choices that make legal sense in the respective country (e.g. the legal form of a company). By default, the jurisdictions for Germany as well as Great Britain are available and can be extended for up to 70 additional countries.


Modules for intelligent integration

Single sign-on

Automatic registration of users based on the Kerberos standard (in Windows with Active Directory or LDAP server). Unknown users receive a self-registration dialog and are automatically created with the (freely definable) default authorization.


SEPA interface

Generation of direct debits and transfers in the standardized SEPA XML format for use in the payment transaction system (e.g. S-Firm). Use cases are e.g. the regular collection of fees, redemption installments and transfer of value dates.


CREFO interface

Retrieval of fully automated information about companies/individuals from the online offer of the credit agency Creditreform and storage in the data budget of PASS Investment Management. User-friendly dialog for searching/selecting the data set incl. current credit report as PDF.

REST interface

Read and write access to the PASS Investment Management objects via the JSON 2 data format and thus a guaranteed, optimal integration into the IT landscape. The REST interface provides an automatically generated API documentation.

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