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Online Travel Booking Tool – Your Business Travel Management Software

Business travel management – all steps of your business trip handled fully and transparently

Our Online Booking Tool (OBT) offers companies the opportunity to book business trips efficiently and manage all associated processes. This solution allows you to organize, manage and map the entire business travel process in a transparent manner. We provide you with a straightforward business travel management software and support you in optimizing your processes and travel costs.

Business travel processes are mapped, managed and simplified in a functional and comprehensive way. Here the workflow stretches from travel planning to reporting. The integrated workflow provides support when ordering and booking travel services and when mapping travel policies and approval procedures.

Travelers or travel arrangers can book their trips online, via the Online Booking Tool, or offline. Every reservation is transferred directly to the system, meaning that all those involved can use the various options of workflow management.

Standard or individual solution? You decide!

We offer our Online Travel Booking Tool in two different product versions, both based on the same framework: the standard solution can be enhanced by adding numerous functions to become an individual solution, incorporating an individual implementation timeline and a project team assembled especially for you.

Select the modules that you require for your travel business management from our Travel Framework. Our Travel Backend contains a broad range of components that you can use to configure the type of travel content you would like to have access to and how this is formatted in your system.

This way you benefit from our unique concept: individual software for the price of standard software.


Savings Calculator for business travel management

The Travel Savings Calculator will help you to understand & improve your cost structure

Find out how much you save on business travel by using our online booking tool:

This Travel Savings Calculator (for global companies) will help you determine realistic, annual savings – like those our clients have been able to achieve. All your input parameters are taken into consideration.

Savings from 10,000+ PNRs per month can be achieved in many ways, e.g.:

  • lower price per PNR
  • reduced touched bookings
  • automated integration of web bookings into the company compliant program
  • best possible utilization of corporate contracts

All these different aspects are considered by the Savings Calculator. Simply fill in your values and see if you have any savings potential and if it’s worth the change.

Please note, that, except for corporate contract savings, only transactional costs are reflected, no fares or taxes or any other costs that you cannot influence. However, we are confident that every manager would welcome the opportunity to reduce operational costs.

Travel Management: From planning to reporting

Our Online Booking Tool accompanies you along all stages of your business trip

Travel planning: In travel planning, among other things, corporate rates and other rules defined via the Rules Engine are taken into account. Here it is not necessarily about finding the least expensive option, but determining the best individual connection. The search results are based on personal preferences and specific company policies. If the trip requires approval, then the designated approver will be asked to give their confirmation.

Travel booking: Specified data is checked in the background when booking a trip. The system independently prompts the user to complete their profile if certain data is missing. Automatically defined remarks are entered in the booking, frequent-flyer cards are actively displayed and included, and seats are reserved. Ticketing can also be carried out via the system or alternatively via the existing workflow of a ticketing queue. Automatic background processes are defined with the travel agency in relation to waitlisting or other possible service options. To conclude this stage of the process, the traveling party receives a booking confirmation and a corresponding calendar entry containing the most important travel information.

Pre-trip/on-trip: The traveling party may receive additional information about their trip if required. Furthermore, changes can be made at any time. The latest exchange and refund methods have also been integrated and ancillary services have been added.

Travel expenses: Booking details about the business trip can be transferred directly via the import and export function or indirectly via the corporate card provider (e.g. AirPlus) to the preferred travel expense report system. All data is transferred during the trip and duplicate entries are removed.

Report: Comprehensive reporting functions, including predefined standard reports, support the responsible travel manager in analyzing and optimizing the business travel process.

Online Booking Tool highlights



You select the configuration that best suits your specific objectives from a set of functional components. You have the flexibility to make subsequent changes or additions at any time, e.g. to fulfill new requirements.



Our OBT can be integrated seamlessly into your company’s processes. This makes it especially suitable for worldwide implementation in globally active companies, meaning that there is no need for you to have several regional systems in operation.

Cost optimization

Cost optimization

Thanks to our solution, you can reduce both direct and indirect travel costs, e.g. by applying individual travel policies. In addition to global cost control, our TMS also enables you to save on commissions paid to travel organizers.



Our OBT is a central tool for global implementation that provides the respective required country-specific settings, e.g. in terms of different content, travel policies and remarks.

Other advantages



Our Online Booking Tool groups all travel reservations in one central location irrespective of their booking source.



Our service-oriented IT architecture (SOA), Workflow- and Rules-Engine guarantee maximum flexibility for you.



Real-time reporting plus profile and rights management ensure that you can control your costs and travel policies at all times.



Complete automation of the business travel process means simplified approval procedures and transparent information.



The intuitive graphical user interface with a clear and functional arrangement of operating elements ensures user comfort.



The interface that is integrated into our Corporate Booking Engine allows for optimum cooperation with your travel agency.



Our OBT is a web-based application with SSL encryption. Operation and maintenance take place in ISO-compliant PASS data centers in Germany and/or the USA (SSAE-16). We are certified according to PCI-DSS and belong to the EU-US Privacy Shield.



Our customers have a direct line to the PASS Support Center where they can speak to qualified specialist personnel.

Rules Engine

Individuality within a system – travel policies and more

Our Online Booking Tool integrates the Open Source Business Rules Management System Drools which allows you to define, display and manage complex travel policies in order to make optimum use of existing contracts. Would you like, for example, to only use low-cost airlines for certain trips or routes? Do you want to book vehicles only with a certain provider in certain cities? Is only a maximum of five employees from your company allowed to fly on the same plane? You can use the Rules Engine to create all of these and similar rules without any difficulty: If/then relationships can be integrated at any time during the workflow and use any business object of the system to influence its behavior.

This way the Rules Engine of our Online Travel Booking Tool makes a significant contribution to the customization of workflows. It allows you to take a look at existing workflows and modify them individually according to the given situation. For example, additional data can be entered for certain bookings and even specific dialogs can be displayed if required.

Meanwhile, Open Source is easy to work with and ensures continuous improvement.

Flexible exception management

Booking business trips via alternative channels can present companies with completely new challenges. What should happen, for example, if, when booking two legs of a trip, you could only book one of them and cancellation is only possible in return for credit? In such a case, the rules that have been defined in advance via the Rules Engine trigger the relevant downstream processes.

File finishing

You can also create rules for file finishing and include here particular situations such as booking low-cost carriers, specific service providers, alternative booking channels, and more. In each of these situations, among other things, additional data can be entered in the booking or irrelevant data can be removed from it.

Screenshots of our Online Booking Tool

Usage scenario of an American Major Bank

Our Online Booking Tool in practice – facts about usage and savings

A large U.S. bank uses our Online Booking Tool in order to optimize its own business travel process. With over 11,000 users worldwide and more than 200,000 bookings made per year, savings amounting to millions of dollars and hundreds of man-hours could be achieved.

In addition, complex country-specific business travel policies of the bank were configured using our Rules Engine, ensuring maximum levels of flexibility and automation in business travel management.

Our colleague Michael Strauss in „Business Travel Executive, June 2018”

”We have a financial institution that completely took back control and purchased their own individual tailor-made booking tool where they can create their own rules by themselves. No need for them to schedule a meeting and 'vote' for a feature. If they want a feature, they can simply order it. They get pure unfiltered data. They can react within hours. They have all they need to negotiate with their suppliers. This close relationship between seller and buyer enables them to know first-hand if a provider leaves a certain channel.”

more than 11000  users worldwide

more than 200000  bookings per year

up to 33 % cost savings of indirect travel costs

per year up to 555 h hours saved during the booking process

In contrast to the direct travel expenses for flights, hotels, rental cars and trains, the indirect costs refer to all expenditure within the process chain (travel planning, orders, payment and controlling). These can be minimized through optimizing processes, better utilization of tariffs, use of the Online Booking Tool and adherence to the travel policies.

Comparison of product versions

Which is the right solution for my company?

Standard solutionIndividual solution
Small and medium-sized companies Large companies
OBT standard OBT business individual
Standard solutionIndividual solution
Online Booking Tool with all the most important basic functions for booking business trips including additional functions such as approval procedures and reporting. You decide on the scope for your customized Online Booking Tool. To this end, you choose the modules from our Travel Framework and enhance the existing functions according to your specific requirements.
Integration in approx. 1–3 weeks Development time depending on scope

Full overview of all features

What product versions contain which functions?

Features OBT standard OBT business individual
Reservation module    
Airline module
Low-cost carrier module
Deutsche Bahn module
Foreign rail systems module
Hotel module
Rental car reservation
Various searches (One way, Round trip, Multi-segment)
Various displays (combined display, by fare display, by time display, fare family display, by availability display)
Price combination logic
Alternative fairs (e.g. refundable vs. non-refundable tarif)
Ancillary Services  
Travel policies based on airline and routing possible
Travel management    
Manage your own travel
Manage assigned travelers (administrative office function)
Profile management    
Save (company) locations for hotel search
Booking of guest traveller (without profile)
Save company profiles
Save travelers’ profiles
Travel department function
Export profile to Amadeus
Import and export profile data in CSV format
Profile import via XML Feed  
Send e-mail    
Send standard itineraries incl. ics calendar file
Send custom itineraries
Send workflow e-mails
Send custom workflow e-mails
Send workflow e-mails with approval links
Enter standardized supplemental data (e.g. cost center)
Enter custom supplemental data
Display general travel guidelines
Display custom travel guidelines
Workflow management based on customer travel guidelines
Booking on hold (optional reservations)
Standard approval processes
Custom approval processes
Offline inquiry to travel agency
Integration of travel expense reporting system (Viatos)
Standard reporting module
Custom reporting module
Information system    
General information (e.g. check-in page for airlines)
Custom information (e.g. contact information, travel guidelines)
Internal information system (news flash) for travel manager
Travel arranger cockpit
Administration of the profile application
Administrator console for customized settings
Administration of company rules/policies
Agency handling    
Standard PNR structure
Custom PNR structure
Standard queue configuration
Custom queue configuration
Input offline reservations
Custom price structure for offline reservations
Flight exchange via queueing to the agency
Flight – Amadeus (all scheduled airlines)
Flight – Sabre (all scheduled airlines)  
Flight – low-cost carriers
Flight – Travelport uAPI ACH
Rail – Deutsche Bahn (BiBe/BOB-C)
Rail – Silverrail
Hotel – VDA ehotel
Hotel – Amadeus
Rental car – Amadeus
Rental car – VDA Sixt
Rental car – VDA Europcar
Viatos – travel expense reporting system
Google Maps (license required)
Bing Maps (license required)
= additional services

Do you have additional requirements?

We are happy to fulfill your individual wishes and requests, beyond the features listed here, in terms of special functions, modules, interfaces, a user interface in your corporate design and/or the operation and service in all matters concerning the system.

Our partners

Transparent travel expenses, hotels worldwide at the best prices and the complete service package from the travel agency


Since 2000, we have been certified developers of major GDS such as Amadeus, Sabre (inkl. Abacus) and Travelport with their highly developed technology solutions. Our OBT is connected to the systems via the Travel XML API XX1 and this enables access to their worldwide travel content. In our solution for the DACH countries, for example, around 430 airlines, over 125,000 hotels plus content from several large hotel aggregators and 33 rental car companies are connected via Amadeus. We have been able to give, for example, a major financial services provider access to over 400 airlines, 32,000 hotel providers and 40 rental car companies via Sabre, as well as to several low-cost carriers via Travelport’s Airline Content Hub (ACH), rail providers via SilverRail and other 3rd Parties like limousine aggregators.

Airline partners

Having conquered the tourism market, low-cost airlines are becoming increasingly important in the business travel segment, too. This business travel option is also available to user of our Online Booking Tool. We can access low-cost carriers (LCCs) through content aggregators like Travelfusion and Pyton (recently acquired by Amadeus). With its product Elsy Arres, Pyton offers access, for example, to around 80 LCCs, Travelfusion to around 120 content providers. We are directly connected to some airlines (number steadily increasing). In addition, we can also include any airlines compatible with IATA Resolution 787 directly in the offer through our NDC interface, e.g. Lufthansa via Farelogix.

Hotel partners

Hotel content is often viewed as a deficiency of various GDS. We, on the other hand, are connected to a large number of hotel aggregators, e.g., ehotel, which specializes in organizing hotel reservations, meetings and events for business people all around the world. A portfolio of more than 330,000 hotels with a best-buy comparison at the time of the quote is available to customers. In addition to hotel reservations, ehotel offers services for process optimization, e.g. by integrating central payment functions directly via ehotel with "Central Billing" or in cooperation with well-known credit card companies.

Rental car partners

In addition to GDS, we have also integrated other rental car aggregators and direct connections to the leading rental car providers. Negotiated rates can be stored here and, if desired, highlighted when reserving.

Rail partners

Our OBT integrates offers from Deutsche Bahn and SilverRail (recently acquired by Expedia) with over 35 rail systems from seven countries. Amtrak (USA) and ATOC (UK), for example, can be booked directly through our system via SilverRail.

VICTOR partner

Corporate Travel Partners (CTP) is a consulting company for modern corporate travel management. Their focus is on process optimization for companies and travel agencies with high business travel volumes. CTP has been our partner for many years in the development and further expansion of our Online Booking Tool. The business travel specialists bring technical know-how to business travel management, while PASS complements the partnership with its technological and development expertise.

Fulfillment partner

Giller Reisen is one of the largest private travel agency companies in Germany and since 1999 has been a Business Plus Partner of the Lufthansa City Center cooperation, combining the service of a privately managed company with the advantages of a large chain of travel agencies. Our OBT was developed in cooperation with Giller Reisen, our fulfillment partner for the booking of the entire business trip. While Giller brings many years of experience in corporate travel and a deep knowledge of travel agency processes to the partnership, PASS complements this with more than 30 years of IT expertise in the travel industry.

Read success story

Expense partner

Viatos is a specialist in travel expense management before, during and after the business trip. The software solution of the same name models the entire process for settling travel expenses using the web, from travel planning to reviewing and submitting data to other IT systems. Thanks to Viatos, media format changes and multiple submissions are avoided and the administrative tasks involved in settling travel expenses are reduced to a minimum.

Do you work with additional or different partners?

We are happy to consider your individual wishes and requests with regard to partner companies whose services you may wish to connect to our travel reservation system.

Note: Generally speaking, our connections must be viewed from a purely technical level. Commercial agreements allowing you to use a specific partner's offer must be concluded separately.

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