PASS Grants Manager (PASS FMM)

Grants management software for holistic and efficient controlling as well as issuing of grants for institutions

Intelligent data management as the basis for successful grants management

Why use a subsidy management software? Municipalities, public institutions and companies can take advantage of a variety of public funding programs with a wide range of funding priorities. This means that numerous organizational units apply for, manage, control and process funding projects. To ensure the success of funding measures, intelligent data management across organizational boundaries is essential.

With our Grants Manager (PASS FMM), the need for highly flexible (spontaneous) storage, processing and evaluation of data can be met. This increases the quality of data and enables smart decisions. Thus, our grant management software is the crucial building block for successful grant management and controlling.

In addition to the recipient side, PASS FMM also maps the active funding side (issuing of funding).

Are you looking for a solution to map the complex requirements of grants management Grants Management? Then take a look at our PASS Grants Suite.

Data exchange with and without PASS FMM:

Get an overview of passive or active funding options within our Grants Management application:

PASS FMM Controlling Portal

The Controlling Portal is an additional module of PASS FMM, which allows to graphically evaluate the data stored in the system. Each customer can access a variety of reports, which on the one hand always show a representation of the current key date and on the other hand show a progression over time, e.g:

  • Number of applications per funding program
  • Grants approved, requested and paid out
  • Total costs vs. own funds
  • Rejection and approval rates at organization level

Each user can also apply filters to the existing reports in order to display them according to his or her own professional requirements. Furthermore, each user can create new reports by combining different object categories (e.g. application, funding program and grant) as desired according to their reporting requirements. The Controlling Portal also has a dashboard that each user can compile individually and export as a PDF.

Highlights of the Grants Management application

A central task in subsidy controlling is the compilation of data based on specific and varying specifications. With the Grants Manager, any list can be created and exported with just a few mouse clicks. The generated search instruction can be stored in the Grants Management software as a standard search for the respective user, shared with other users and made available as a global search.

If required, individual reports can be generated in addition to standard reports, e.g. to meet design requirements (graphics, logo, color) and data output (cover page and table of contents). For this purpose PASS FMM offers the so called Word-Reporting. The administration of the templates is intentionally easy to implement: only text markers have to be defined in the corresponding Word document, where data from the application should be transferred when the report is executed. These reports can either be executed directly within the user interface of the Grants Management software or automatically filed at a specific time and sent by mail to a previously defined group of recipients.

The connection to the electronic file (eFile) or to a document management system (DMS) is already included in the standard and can be implemented in different ways:

  • Calling up the DMS or eFile with a qualified web link, whereby no files are saved in the Grants Manager itself.
  • If a file is stored in the Grants Management software, then a mail with this file attached can be automatically generated and sent directly to the DMS for filing there. In the e-mail, the corresponding file number could also be transmitted so that the DMS can automatically file the file in the correct case.
  • All files of a project can, for example, be exported to a ZIP file at the end of the project and then stored in the DMS.

PASS Grants Manager is fully customizable and changeable. This means that adjustments can be made in the Software as a Service Professional operating model by the customer and in the Software as a Service Standard usage model based on consolidated customer requests:

  • Each field can be renamed, moved or deleted.
  • New fields can be created at any time.
  • Tabs are completely flexible.
  • Old data areas can be modified or deleted.
  • New data areas can be created.
  • All formulas and functions can be changed.
  • New formulas can be created at any time.
  • All displays and functions can be individualized.
  • etc.

Passive promotion

From the project outline to the proof of use

Each funding program is based on its own guidelines, which set out the funding objectives and the requirements for specific implementation. The differences between the individual funding programs can be substantial. It is therefore all the more important to document these differences precisely in order to avoid errors that, in the worst case, could lead to the repayment of funding. This is exactly where our grant management software comes in and provides full support for grant management.

The PASS Grants Manager supports users in all phases of managing and controlling a grant project

Screenshots of our grant management software: passive promotion

Active promotion

With PASS Grants Manager you can define your own grant programs and accompany them throughout the entire life cycle of a project.

Support programs

Support programs

  • Definition of cost items
  • Definition of total budget Support program
  • Status Budget current financial year
  • Status Budget over all financial years


  • Definition expenses
  • Representation financing
  • Application review
  • Documentation requested and approved funds
Grant notice

Grant notice

  • Documentation of the means and the milestones
  • Resource planning for the relevant financial years
Call for funds

Call for funds

  • Submission of the relevant funds
  • Automatic reconciliation with funds planning
Where-used list

Where-used list

  • Transfer of the proof of use by the grant recipient via the system

Preparation of notices possible at all process steps if required


With Word reporting, you can access the data stored in FMM and automatically output it to Word documents. The creation of notifications is very simple and can be realized by the administrator on the customer side by determining which contents are to be transferred at the appropriate points in the grant management software via text marks.

Screenshots of our grant management software: active promotion

Usage models

Operational responsibility



IT department or IT service provider of the customer




separate maintenance contract

New user creation


by IT department or IT service provider of the customer

by IT department or IT service provider of the customer

Customer data

encapsulation of customer data within the application through group reference

customer data in a separate mandate

customer data in any number of mandates

Customization options

extension/adaptation of the data model based on consolidated customer requirements

flexible extension/adaptation of the data model

flexible extension/adaptation of the data model


monthly usage fee

monthly usage fee

one-time licensing costs and annual maintenance fees

Functional differentiation SAAS Standard / SAAS Professional

PASS FMM is available as a SAAS solution in different usage variants: SAAS Standard and SAAS Professional. SAAS Professional provides a test system and a production system with administration rights. This results in a wider range of functions, which are explained in the following table in comparison to SAAS Standard:


SaaS Standard

SaaS Professional

Data import/export to Excel

Plausibility check during data input

Define global searches

Mass data processing

Edit selection lists

Rechte & Manage rights & permissions

Document management


Individual appointment reminders

Standard appointment reminders

Word reporting (define your own reports)

Word reporting (use standard reports)

Anonymization of data

View tracking log completely

Independent adaptation of the data model

Our clients

IT security and data protection

Information on audit security and cybersecurity can be found here.

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