New CO2 calculator for our route planning

New CO2 calculator for our route planning

PASS PLANTOUR is the forward-looking scheduling software for route planning and route optimization. In its basic functions, the software solution covers all scheduling business processes - be it strategic or operational planning, processing or subsequent controlling. However, the ecological aspect is also becoming more and more relevant and numerous companies today are trying to reduce their COfootprint as much as possible.

On our product page we provide you with a smart savings calculator that allows you to determine your cost reduction through optimized route planning. In addition to the parameters "tour distance", "time" and "costs", we have recently added another value - that of CO2 emissions.

By entering your performance parameters such as tour length, trip duration and your cost parameters, you can now also calculate your potential savings in COemissions by using our PLANTOUR route planning software.

Have you already identified potential savings with the help of the calculator? Very good! We would be happy to evaluate your potential in more detail with a free Quick Check.

Try it out right away: You can find our savings calculator here.